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Mindful reading for Christmas & the New Year

Classic & new reads, recommended by the team from The Moment is Now

There are hundreds of mindfulness books out there, so how do you choose which ones to read? Between them, Gillian and her team have made it their mission to read as many mindfulness books as they can. Here are some of their recommendations—from classic texts to the recently-published.

Covers of recommended mindfulness books

Gentleness and simplicity, in a book for all

Thich Nhat Hanh’s 1975 classic, The miracle of mindfulness, is a book our guest tutor Ashley Watson comes back to again and again. She says:

“His writing has a gentleness and simplicity which will appeal whether you’re brand new to mindfulness or have been practising for years. His deep connection to nature jumps off every page and he really emphasises the importance of slowing our lives down in order to deeply appreciate each moment.

“In a modern world which often seems complicated, his simple exercises encourage us to take life back to basics and savour simple pleasures like a cup of tea or a morning walk. He teaches us to integrate mindfulness into our everyday lives and not to view it as something separate.”

This is a beautifully written and highly-recommended book.

Treasure troves of everyday mindfulness practices

When time is tight, it’s good to have a book or two of short practices to hand to help you be mindful on even your busiest days. Be inspired by Living in the moment by Anna Black—it’s beautifully-illustrated and easy to dip into. Or try reading a page a day of Thich Nhat Hanh’s book Peace is every breath: a practice for our busy lives.

Top tip: Discover some simple mindfulness practices for everyday life in:

Boost your internal resources

Mindfulness coach Gillian Duncan is a big fan of Rick Hanson, so she was delighted to get her hands on his latest book, Resilient, written with his son Forrest.

Based on Dr. Hanson’s ‘Foundations of Well-Being’ programme, Resilient is a practical how-to guide you can use to help boost your personal internal resources to develop what the authors call “an unshakable core of calmness, strength and happiness.”

The book has a chapter for each of 12 primary internal strengths identified by Rick and Forrest, such as confidence, courage and generosity. In common with Dr. Hanson’s other books, the tone of this latest guide is warm, encouraging and down-to-earth. At the same time, the practices outlined in the book are firmly grounded in the science of positive neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change throughout your life).

Try exploring one chapter per month for a whole year of personal growth practices (and why wait until 1st January?)

Mindfulness advice for children

As the Dalai Lama writes in this book’s Foreword, “Education on values like kindness and compassion needs to begin from childhood, as these are qualities that can be nourished.”

Created by Eva Cirnu and Dominik Czartoryski, this beautifully-illustrated, large-print book is a great way to introduce children to the concepts of tolerance and kindness. Each double-page spread features a quote from HH the Dalai Lama and a colourful illustration.

A useful tool for parents, carers and teachers—and fun for children!

Have a look at some sample pages from the book and read more reviews at

Considering an eight-week mindfulness course?

You can get a good feel for what’s involved before you start by reading Mindfulness: a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world and following the guided meditations on the CD that comes with it.

Authors Mark Williams and Danny Penman will give you an excellent overview of mindfulness, including the exercises you’re likely to encounter on an eight-week course.

Top tip: You could also come along to one of our FREE mindfulness introductory sessions to find out about our eight-week courses—there’s one on in Edinburgh on 15th January 2019.

Enjoy your reading and your mindfulness practice over Christmas and the New Year! With all good wishes from the team at The Moment is Now.


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