A mindful gift

30 ways to be kind to yourself and live in the moment!

In a neat little box, you’ll find 30 different ways to be kind to yourself and live in the moment…

Each illustrated card gives you a simple, easy to remember practice. There are ways to nourish yourself, take a break from problem-solving, simplify your week, worry less about perfection and catch some joy.

Slip the box in your pocket and take your practices with you wherever you go to help you stay mindful in your busy day.

Short on time to do your regular mindfulness practice? Shuffle the cards and pick one at random or spread them out face up and choose the one that appeals to you most today.

Know someone who’s ‘too busy’ to fit in some ‘me-time’? (That could be you!) Give them – or yourself – a mindful gift!

Approximate box dimensions: 83mm x 83mm x 15mm

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Purchase two items (£40 + £2.50 P&P)

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