Mindfulness for children

Would you love the children in your life to learn how to:

  • Feel calmer, happier and more fulfilled?
  • Get on better with others?
  • Improve their concentration, learning and focus?
  • Cope better with the everyday stresses and strains of life?

There’s growing evidence that teaching young people simple mindfulness techniques can achieve all this and more. Introducing young people to simple mindfulness practices can change their lives—and yours!

Introducing your children to mindfulness

The Moment is Now offers two Mindfulness in Schools programmes, as well as out-of-school Mindful Munchkins classes, taught by our accredited teacher, Gillian Duncan.

Mindfulness in schools

The Paws b Mindfulness in Schools programme is for 7-11 year olds.

Paws b is a mindfulness course that’s been specifically developed for primary school children. The course appeals to young children, using fun activities, with lots of bold visuals and film clips to engage their interest.

Paws b isn’t boring, isn’t yoga and isn’t religious—it’s simply a great way to help children feel calmer, improve their concentration and get on better with others.

dot be programme accreditationThe .b (dot-be) programme is for young people aged 11-18. .b stands for Stop, Breathe and Be! This simple act of mindfulness lies at the heart of the .b mindfulness course.

The .b course is fun, accessible and practical. It’s taught with striking visuals, film clips and activities that all bring mindfulness to life without losing the precision, expertise and integrity of classic mindfulness teaching. The course can be used in a wide range of contexts—not just within schools—and for a diverse age range. It’s great for adults too!

Want to know more?

Mindfulness for children—the research

Research into the benefits of mindfulness programmes for children suggests that well-conducted mindfulness training can:

…improve the mental, emotional, social and physical health and wellbeing of young people who take part. It has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, reactivity and bad behaviour, improve sleep and self-esteem, and bring about greater calmness, relaxation, the ability to manage behaviour and emotions, self-awareness and empathy.”

Katherine Weare, Emeritus Professor, Universities of Exeter and Southampton

Happy children, waving their arms in the air

Mindful Munchkins

Packed with engaging mindfulness activities, Mindful Munchkins sessions teach children simple techniques they can use to help themselves feel calmer, concentrate when they need to and get on better with others.

Plus, they’re fun!

Connected Kids TM logoMindful Munchkins sessions are run by Gillian Duncan, a Connected Kids™ and Mindfulness in Schools accredited tutor.

You can book a complete mindfulness programme or individual sessions.

Find out more below!​

Mindful munchkins

Course outline

Venues, dates and booking

Out-of-school mindfulness sessions specifically designed for 8-11 year olds.

These fun sessions last for an hour and cover different mindfulness themes, such as the ‘puppy mind,’ in a way that’s accessible to young children.

A typical session includes:

  • An introduction to the theme
  • A few short guided mindfulness practices to illustrate the theme
  • A mindful activity to support the practice—like making a calm jar, decorating a peace pebble, creating a worry box or drawing a gratitude tree
  • Gentle exploration about the children’s experiences of the practices and activities, what they’ve noticed and felt.

Cost: £63.50 for six sessions or £12 per session.

Tuesdays, 4.30-5.30pm, 16th January-27th February 2018 (excluding 13th February)

At 7a Haddington Place, Edinburgh, EH7 4AE

Book online for six sessions (16th January-27th February, excluding 13th February) or contact enquiries@direction.org.uk to check availability of individual sessions.

Mindful Munchkins is a collaboration between direction and The Moment Is Now.


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