Mindfulness and resilience at work

The benefits of mindfulness and resilience practices for both employees and employers are well documented.

The harm caused to people and organisations by stress is equally well known.

We can’t entirely remove stress from our working lives, but we can learn how to deal with it in a skilful way, minimising its harmful effects on both individuals and organisations.

Teaching mindfulness techniques to employees – and providing them with the time and space in which to practise these skills – has helped them:

  • Manage stress and anxiety, increasing their resilience in the face of the inevitable ups and downs of working life
  • Improve their powers of concentration and memory
  • Develop greater empathy, for themselves and others, leading to better working relationships and team collaboration.

Well-being at work training



Give yourself and your employees the skills to thrive in a fast-paced, changing work environment. Choose from a range of options, from an in-house or online workshop to tailored well-being at work programmes.

The key steps to mindfulness and resilience at work
(1-day workshop)

Practising mindfulness can improve your emotional well-being, build resilience and enhance creativity. This full-day workshop introduces you to a tool-box of mindfulness techniques and helps you apply the benefits of mindfulness to your working life.

Improve your ability to be more focused, respond more skilfully in challenging situations and manage stress, uncertainty and change in a better way.

Workshop contents include:

  • What mindfulness is and why there’s so much excitement about it
  • How mindfulness changes your brain
  • How to calm a busy mind
  • How to let go of worried thinking and respond skilfully rather than reacting automatically
  • How to communicate mindfully
  • Your personal action plan for implementing mindfulness in the workplace.

Free access to audio downloads of the practices is included in the cost of the course.

Venues: The workshop can be run in-house at your workplace or via Zoom.

Workshop feedback:

…I was sceptical about it but it amazed me how good it’s been for me in a short period of time.”

…the session was wonderful. When I came back I went straight into a 1-1 and my manager could really notice the difference in my mood.”

In-house mindfulness session attendees, Tesco Bank

Excellent course, terrific trainer and very good presentation. I’m already using the techniques I learnt and am finding them beneficial”

“The workshop was delivered with a high level of professionalism. I would, and already have, recommended this course to colleagues.”

Workshop attendees, Scottish Funding Council

The most useful day of training I have had on a personal and professional level … I will benefit greatly from it.”

Workshop attendee, Scottish Borders

Tailored mindfulness & resilience at work programmes

Peaceful people joining a mindfulness session online, via laptop, smartphone and tablet

Programmes can be tailored to the needs of your workplace and employees. Options include:

  • Introductory sessions – ideal if your organisation is considering bringing mindfulness into your workplace
  • Regular, weekly sessions at your workplace or online
  • Tailored workshops to suit your organisation’s needs.

To give you an idea of the possibilities, here’s a programme created and run for a specific organisation:

Client: A public body supporting the Scottish arts, screen and creative industries.

Client’s aims: The creative arts and public sector industries were under a lot of pressure due to COVID-19. The employer wanted to support staff in every way they possibly could to help them manage the difficulties they were facing in both their personal and professional lives.

The programme: The support needed to engage a wide range of employees so the Moment is Now created a programme with a variety of services, including:

  • Online drop-in sessions (also recorded for people who couldn’t attend)
  • Two 8-week mindfulness courses – one on developing a mindfulness practice for employees’ personal and professional lives, and one on mindful self-compassion
  • Fortnightly supportive newsletters with mindfulness, health and resilience tips, e.g., how to beat the afternoon slump, short mindfulness practices for busy days, etc
  • An e-learning programme with audio and video programmes to support the learning
  • Optional 1-1 sessions for anyone needing extra support.


I particularly enjoyed how the course brought in elements of the wider/scientific benefits of mindfulness. It felt well structured, and I particularly enjoyed the opportunities to hear from others on the course as this helped me reflect on my own experiences. In a home working environment, it created opportunities to engage with colleagues outwith a formal work setting.”

MM, Mindfulness & Resilience at Work programme

Thank you for the excellent course; I appreciated the opportunity to attend and practice and to be guided by such a skilful and experienced practitioner.”

MI, Mindfulness & Resilience at Work programme

A business owner’s view of the impact of mindfulness

as a leader, I found this really important to share with my team, to encourage them to hit ‘pause’ in their day, to put a 5-minute slot into their diary each day and pause the noise. Turn off the Wifi and pause the emails, texts, WhatsApp chatter and calls and take five minutes to focus on breathing and being present.

“…they have told me that now, when they are busy and the noise feels overwhelming, they naturally pause without thinking and breathe through it.

“…it has not only helped me but also my very busy team and we now share the mindfulness pebbles in our meetings – it’s top of the agenda in my company!”

Joanne, Business owner

Useful reading

Mindfulness benefits, including reduced stress, increased grey matter, memory and attention improvements

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Learning a combination of mindfulness and resilience techniques can dramatically improve working life, to the benefit of both employees and employers. Get in touch with us to talk about the opportunities.


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