Five ways to practise being kind to yourself

The practice of mindfulness includes being open and accepting of whatever’s happening in your mind and body. Sometimes, though, what’s happening includes pain, discomfort or difficulties. This can be frightening and there may be times when we’d rather not acknowledge the difficulties we’re facing.

In moments like these, practising mindfulness offers you a way to ‘be with’ difficult emotions or feelings and to be more comfortable with your relationships to them. Combining your mindfulness practice with kindness and compassion towards yourself can help you face whatever’s tough in your life just now.

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Three key things to remember about mindful acceptance

If you’re learning or practising mindfulness, sooner or later, you’ll come across the sometimes tricky concept of mindful acceptance. What does ‘mindful acceptance’ mean? And what are the benefits of practising acceptance? In this blog post, we’ll answer these questions and outline three key things to remember about mindful acceptance.

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Practise mindfulness to change your brain for the better

For decades now, researchers have been investigating the science behind the benefits of practising mindfulness. Scientists studying the effects of mindfulness meditation on the brain have found that regular practice changes the both structure and the functioning of the brain – leading to things like improved memory and concentration and better resilience to stress. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the research findings.

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Mindful reading for Christmas & the New Year

Classic & new reads, recommended by the team from The Moment is Now

There are hundreds of mindfulness books out there, so how do you choose which ones to read? Between them, Gillian and her team have made it their mission to read as many mindfulness books as they can. Here are some of their recommendations—from classic texts to the recently-published.

Front covers of mindfulness-related books recommended in this blog post

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Three things the press (sometimes) get wrong about mindfulness

It’s all too easy, if you catch just the last few minutes of a news report or a brief glimpse of a headline, to end up with a whole range of misconceptions. Even when you read the whole article or hear the full interview, though, you can still be left believing that myths are truth.

This post examines some of the misconceptions about mindfulness that appear in the press on a regular, if infrequent, basis. We’ll also suggest ways you can learn the full story about mindfulness and work out whether the practice is right for you.

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