Sarah’s journey

A mindfulness journey can start with a simple introductory talk and end up changing lives. We’re so grateful to Sarah for sharing her mindfulness journey.

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Can a Zoom retreat work?

Can an online retreat be as good as a face-to-face one – or are they simply different ways to connect with like-minded people and boost your mindfulness practice?

In this blog post…

  • Find out what attendees think about the effectiveness of online retreats and their benefits.
  • Hear from guest tutor Suzi Burns about her experience of joining The Moment is Now team at half-day online retreats.

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Stay connected mindfully

Practices to help you feel connected to others in times of separation

Social distancing, with its separation from family and friends and the resulting lack of physical contact, can cause a big increase in feelings of loneliness and isolation. Here are some ways you can guard against that – and boost yours and your family’s and friends’ feelings of connectedness at the same time.

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Five ways to practise being kind to yourself

The practice of mindfulness includes being open and accepting of whatever’s happening in your mind and body. Sometimes, though, what’s happening includes pain, discomfort or difficulties. This can be frightening and there may be times when we’d rather not acknowledge the difficulties we’re facing.

In moments like these, practising mindfulness offers you a way to ‘be with’ difficult emotions or feelings and to be more comfortable with your relationships to them. Combining your mindfulness practice with kindness and compassion towards yourself can help you face whatever’s tough in your life just now.

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Three key things to remember about mindful acceptance

If you’re learning or practising mindfulness, sooner or later, you’ll come across the sometimes tricky concept of mindful acceptance. What does ‘mindful acceptance’ mean? And what are the benefits of practising acceptance? In this blog post, we’ll answer these questions and outline three key things to remember about mindful acceptance.

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