One-day Getting started with mindfulness workshop

Course outline

Venues, dates and booking

Learn how to bring mindfulness into your daily life at this relaxing one-day workshop.

During the day, you’ll:
  • Learn how to calm your busy mind
  • Discover how to slow down and tune into your body and senses
  • Explore how to be kinder to yourself
  • Investigate how to let go of worried thinking
  • Find out how to do everyday tasks mindfully
  • Understand how mindfulness changes your brain – for the better!

Discover a range of soothing mindfulness practices in a gentle, supportive and fun environment at the delightful Restoration Yard in Dalkeith Country Park.

Cost: £80 (includes tea and coffee)

Saturday 24th February 2018, 10am–4pm

At The Restoration Yard, Dalkeith Country Park, EH22 2NA


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