Start a kindness thread

In his book, Kindfulness, Padraig O’Morain writes:

Every day contains good and bad—but kindness to yourself can be a constant thread that runs through the whole day. Whatever sort of day you’re having, and whether you’re feeling good or bad about yourself, remember self-compassion.”

This week, try starting a thread of kindness to yourself:

Before you start…

Write down some simple ways you can be kind to yourself this week. Perhaps include things like getting enough rest, letting go of self-criticism, eating healthily, or getting some fresh air. Have some fun with your kindness thread—how about a visit to your favourite gallery (you could do this online perhaps) or a park, or a phone call with a friend? See if you can write down at least 10 things.

Choose a reminder…

Next, choose an everyday occurrence—a trigger, if you like—to remind you to be kind to yourself. You could choose something simple, like the kettle boiling, the post arriving, a particular song coming on the radio or seeing a particular colour in your surroundings.

Start your thread…

During the week, whenever you notice the trigger, ask yourself “Am I being compassionate to myself right now? Is there a way I can be kinder to myself?” If you need to be kinder to yourself in this moment, pick something to do from your list and practice being kind to yourself.

Top tip: Being kind to yourself means you’ll also be able to respond with compassion to others!

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