‘Potter’ mindfully!

How using your senses while simply meandering without purpose can bring you back to the present.

Mindful pastimes

By being in the present moment while you’re doing what you love, you’ll get so much more from your leisure time.

Fill a day with kindness

Acts of kindness have a bigger impact on your happiness when you perform them all at once, rather than sporadically.

Choose your response

Give yourself the chance to choose your reaction, instead of habitually acting the way you’ve always done in the past.

Start a kindness thread

Every day contains good and bad—but kindness to yourself can be a constant thread that runs through the whole day.

Be your kindest self

By practising loving-kindness meditation, you can learn to see the lives of others as related to your own.

Be a better listener

“...If you can’t recognize your own beliefs and opinions, needs and fears, you won’t have enough inner space to really hear anyone else.”

The gift of self-compassion

Who is talking in your head now, good friend or harsh critic? If it’s the harsh critic ask, ‘What would a good friend say?’ and listen to that.

Bring your mind home

A simple practice for bringing your mind home to the present moment that will fit into your busy day and can be practised wherever you are!

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