Meditate with a pebble!

Find a pebble that takes your fancy – smooth or textured – then use it in your practice. Here's how...

A mindful hand practice

Do you have five minutes? That’s all it takes to practice a little mindfulness using your hands! Here’s how...

A practice to suit your day

However busy you are, be kind to yourself by bringing some mindfulness into your day with these free guided audios to fit your day.

Refresh your mind

The mind that can come back to the present is clearer and more refreshed, so here are four simple ways to do exactly that.

Take half a step back

Three mindful ways to take a step back from the flow of events, thoughts and emotions and make better decisions.

Watch your out-breath

How to send a signal to your brain to sooth your central nervous system and bring moments of calm into your day.

‘Potter’ mindfully!

How using your senses while simply meandering without purpose can bring you back to the present.

Mindful pastimes

By being in the present moment while you’re doing what you love, you’ll get so much more from your leisure time.

Fill a day with kindness

Acts of kindness have a bigger impact on your happiness when you perform them all at once, rather than sporadically.

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