Mindful pastimes

Whether your favourite pastime is creative, energetic, relaxing or nurturing, you can get more from doing what you love by practising mindfulness while you do it!

If you love home-baking, bring your awareness to your hands and really feel the dough you’re kneading or the consistency of the butter as you’re rubbing it into the flour. (Remember to eat your creation mindfully too!)

If you love walking or running, focus on the rhythm of your footfalls. Really listen to the sound your feet make as they connect with the ground. How do the changing surfaces you’re moving over sound different?

If you love arts and crafts, focus on being aware of the feel of the paper or fabric you’re using, the texture of clay in your hands or the tackiness of glue. When you’ve completed your new piece of mindfully-created art or craft, put it somewhere prominent as a reminder of how you can bring mindfulness into your daily life.

If you love music, sit still to listen to your favourite music instead of doing chores at the same time. If you love dancing, give yourself five minutes to dance around your living room to your favourite song!

If you love gardening or nature, take time out for a mindful walk around your garden or a park, using as many senses as you can to really notice what’s there. What can you hear, see, feel, smell and taste when you’re out and about in nature?

By being in the present moment while you’re doing what you love, you’ll get so much more from your leisure time.

What do you love doing—and how will you be mindful while you’re doing it? Share your favourite ideas with us on Facebook.

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