‘Potter’ mindfully!

Take a wander round your home, the local park or your garden. As best you can, simply meander without purpose.

As you move around your chosen space, notice that things draw your attention. Perhaps it’ll be a favourite ornament or plant on a windowsill, the smell of mown grass or the sounds of leaves rustling in the breeze. Whatever draws your attention, notice its different qualities:

  • Think about what went into the creation of any object that attracts your attention. Examine its textures. Perhaps hold it in your hands and feel its weight or lightness.
  • If your attention is drawn to sounds or smells, notice how they change as you wander away from or towards them. Be aware of how they blend with other sounds or smells.
  • Be aware of how other people, pets or wild creatures move around and react to your presence.

As you potter, see if you can appreciate not having to do or achieve anything in this moment in time.

Top tip: When your mind naturally wanders—whether it goes back to the past, into the future or onto what it thinks you ‘should’ be doing—quietly say to yourself “Right now, I’m simply pottering; I’ll deal with anything else later.”

Bring your mindful pottering session to a close by becoming aware of your breathing for a few in-breaths and out-breaths.

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