Take half a step back

Mindfulness teacher and author Padraig O’Morain writes:

“In mindfulness we learn to take ‘half a step back’ from the flow of events, thoughts and emotions. This is a matter of pausing for just a moment or two without rushing to judgement. This pause can change the tone of our day and ultimately of our life.”

See how often you can take that half step back to notice what’s going on in your mind and in your body over the next few days. Here’s some practices to get you started:

#1: Whenever you notice your mind filling up with thoughts (perhaps shouting at you that you need to do this, worry about that, fix the world), pause for one moment to turn the volume down and let the moment in!

#2: Find some space in your day.

#3: Press the ‘pause’ button to help you tune in to the present moment.



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