Refresh your mind

In How to meditate, Pema Chödrön writes:

“The mind that can come back to the present is clearer and more refreshed, and it can better weather all the ambiguities, pains, and paradoxes of life.”

Write a list of your favourite ways to bring your mind back to the present. Pin your list somewhere prominent and, each time you notice it, pick a practice to refresh your mind.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

Listen in…

What sounds are you hearing, both close to you and in the distance? Set a timer for a few minutes, gently close your eyes and simply listen. Or try this three-minute practice on meditating with noise from Diana Winston on

Take a mindful meander …

Potter mindfully around your home, the local park or your garden, using your senses to help you focus on the present moment. Notice textures, colours, movement, smells and sounds.

Take your attention to the soles of your feet…

If you’re standing, is there more weight on one foot than on the other? (You don’t need to correct your balance unless you want to; simply notice what’s there.) If you’re sitting, are your feet hot, cold or somewhere in between? If your feet are bare, wriggle your toes and notice the sensations that creates!

Drink your tea slowly…

Be mindful with a cup of tea with this practice from Ed Halliwell on

Have fun with your list!

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