Let your stories go

If you notice yourself weaving stories about what might happen in the day ahead, take a step back from your thoughts.

Worry less about perfection

Practise quietly noticing some of the ‘imperfect’ things outside your control (like a delayed train or bus) without struggle.

Let the moment in

If you notice your mind filling with thoughts (you need to do this, worry about that, fix the world), pause for a moment to turn the volume down!

Look after yourself

Remember that you ‘can’t pour from an empty jug’! You need to nurture yourself and your resources if you want to be able to help others.

Step out of worry

If you notice yourself worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet, take your attention to the soles of your feet...

Be kind to yourself

Write a list of the things that nourish you – then be kind to yourself at least once a day, using your list as inspiration!

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