Stop fixing things

By not rushing in..., but just resting your awareness on the breath, you learn that a great many things do not need to be fixed immediately.

Be like the sky

Your mind doesn’t need to be constrained by what’s going on in your head; it can be vast, open and free, like the sky.

Open to ordinary moments

Open all your senses wide and fully experience the ordinary moments in the world around you. You may find it’s not so ordinary at all!

Let gratitude lift you

Choosing to be deeply mindful of the good things in our lives brings a positive focus – and many mental health benefits – into our lives.

Do you need to know?

Trying to predict what’s going to happen tomorrow, next month or next year drags you away from the present moment.

Start your day mindfully

Be gentle with yourself first thing in the morning. Pay attention to how your body feels and what it needs...

See as if for the first time

What would you rather experience—the freshness of this moment or re-runs of old memories and old thoughts playing in your head?

Find space in your day

“All of us need some space inside and around us to be truly happy... Space is freedom, and freedom is the foundation of true happiness.”

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