Be amazed!

Take time to notice and appreciate the ‘jewels’ around you to bring delight, gratitude and instant stress relief into your life.

Let the impossible go

Have some kindness and compassion for yourself—give yourself permission to let go of trying to solve or change the impossible.

Move mindfully

It’s good to practise mindfulness when you’re active as well as when you’re sitting or lying down.

Use your senses

“Through our senses – the ability to touch, see, smell, taste and hear – we gain an appreciation of what it means to be human...”

Slow down

Instead of allowing your mind to be two steps ahead of you all the time, stop and focus on what you’re doing right now—and slow down.

Sit with awareness

Try this meditation to see if your mind can rest in your body in the same way that your body rests on the ground...

Be mindful of joy

“Whenever something good happens to you, take the time to really enjoy the moment consciously.” Abhinabha Tangerman

Give your presence

“The most precious gift we can give others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”

Suspend problem-solving

Set aside a short period every day during which you promise not to solve a single problem in your life!

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